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Satisfy your appetite as you explore the quirky streets of Kreuzberg. Hop from eatery to eatery, eating, and drinking the locals' favorite bites with a local foodie by your side!What can be more Berliner than a Döner Kebab and Club Mate? Yes, this classic combo is beloved by the locals, and the moment you tried them, you'll instantly know why. For a snack on the go, visit an authentic Arab shop and pick up some pumpkin seeds to munch as you explore. And for a taste of Korean influences, then fried chicken it is!Still hungry? There's more food to come! Go for another local treat, fries with mayo and ketchup. Discover the African cuisine with a Merguez sandwich, and go back to the German roots with an original dish, Maultaschen, a filled dough pocket steamed with vegetable broth. Eat it together with a beer, and you'll be in heaven. End up your tour with a Mexican favorite, guacamole, and maize chips in a lively atmosphere that will leave you wanting for more.

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