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Tequila Don Nacho Blanco - 100 % Agave - Mexico...
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(42,71 EUR/l) Tequila Don Nacho Blanco- 100 % Agave Im Hochland (mex.: Los Altos) von Jalisco, in der Stadt Jesus Maria, wird in der Destillerie Don Nacho ein überaus excellenter Tequila hergestellt. Diese feinen Agaven-Produkte werden seit Gründung im Jahre

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Drive Nacho Drive: A Journey from the American ...
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On an afternoon just like many before it, Brad Van Orden sat at his desk. When a coworker meandered past his window, Brad succumbed to an impulse and blurted out the most outlandish thing he could think of: ´´Hey Steve, let´s drive your hippie bus to Tierra del Fuego.” This prompted Steve´s halfhearted response: ´´I don´t think so.” But this got Brad thinking: What if we just dropped everything and left? Isn´t there more to life than this? He messaged his wife with a question: ´´Want to do this?” to which she immediately responded: ´´Yes!” They clearly had no idea what they were getting themselves into. Drive Nacho Drive tells the hilarious and sometimes harrowing story of what happens when Brad and Sheena Van Orden trade in the American dream for a year on the roads of Central and South America aboard ´´Nacho”, their quirky and somewhat temperamental Volkswagen van. As a result of questionable decision-making skills and intermittent bad luck, Brad and Sheena repeatedly find themselves in over their heads. Whether negotiating cliff-hanging roads in rebel territory, getting caught illegally smuggling a transmission in a suitcase over international lines, mounting a stealth mission to steal Nacho back from a deranged Colombian auto dismantler, or clinging to the side of a vegetable truck while descending a 16,000 foot Andean pass, there seems to be no limit to the predicaments that these two can get themselves into. With Drive Nacho Drive, the Van Ordens deliver a thoughtful, hilarious, and mouthwatering depiction of adventure and misadventure on the Pan-American highway - one that will leave you simultaneously shaking your head and holding your sides, while asking yourself, isn´t there more to life than this? 1. Language: English. Narrator: Sheena Van Orden, Brad Van Orden. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Marea Roja / Red Tide
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La gran novela sobre el narcotráfico gallego que nunca nadie se había atrevido a escribir. ´´Esta es la novela que me gustaría haber escrito a mí. Una joya.´´.- Nacho Carretero, autor de Fariña En julio del 2000, una gran marea roja se propaga por las rías de A Coruña. En esas mismas fechas, Daniel Piñeiro, antiguo piloto de planeadoras del clan hegemónico del narcotráfico en Galicia, sale de la cárcel tras ocho años. Su imperio está enterrado y ya solo desea llevar una vida normal. Pero nadie ha olvidado al mito, a Dani Gasolina. Una familia rota, unas amistades consumidas, una pasión borrada y un mafioso que lo reclama como hijo propio. Todos perdidos en el laberinto donde, al final de uno de tantos caminos de sangre, desde 1992 se esconde un secreto. Con el conocimiento profundo de quien creció en la Galicia de los noventa, José Manuel del Río salda cuentas con el pasado a través de esta novela que combina la contundencia de la verdad con un estilo literario que le ha hecho ser comparado con Don Winslow y Richard Price. ENGLISH DESCRIPTION The great novel about Galician drug trafficking that nobody had yet dared to write. ´´This is the novel that I would have liked to have written. A gem.´´ --Nacho Carretero, author of Fariña In July of 2000, a great red tide spreads along the estuaries of A Coruña. During that time, Daniel Piñeiro, former speedboat captain of the hegemonic clan of drug traffickers of Galicia, gets out of jail after eight years. His empire is buried and he now just wants to lead a normal life. But nobody has forgotten about the legend, Dani Gasolina. A broken family, tenuous friendships, a blotted-out passion, and a mobster who claims to be his son. All lost in the labyrinth where, at the end of one of so many trails of blood, a secret has been hidden since 1992. With the deep knowledge of one who grew up in the Galicia of the ´90s, José Manuel del Río settles debts with the past through this novel that combines the power of the truth with a literary style that has led him to be compared with the likes of Don Winslow and Richard Price.

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